Our Top Talent
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Abraham, Erick youthful, upbeat, caring, cool, edgy Aiello, Liz
soothing, calming and friendly
Allen, Dennis southern, country, neighborly, guy next door Andrade, Kathleen Puls
mainstream, characters, fun
Almond, Mike
edgy, dramatic, ageless
Apple, Terri
some edge, young, millennial
Anderson, Rex
warm, natural, young, smooth
Baechel, Liz
warm, credible, soft
Arnold, Greg
very warm, connects, softer, young
Baldiga, Shelley
warm, natural, young
Aston, Mark
deep, powerful, major depth with character
Baker, Gabrielle
british, confident, sassy
Babbin, James
fun, cool, warm, natural
Birdsall, Diana
warm, friendly, energetic, smouldering
Baker, Matt K.
mainstream, dad, narrator
Blasingame, Jamie
feminine, enthusiastic, and sweet
Banks, Tony
young, dramatic, intense, fun, comical
Blue, Jessica
hip, fun, sassy and real
cartoon, animation, young, natural, brotherly
Brioux, Tricia
youthful, energetic, dramatic
Beeson, Talon
animation, fun, mainstream
Bruno, Linda
fresh, approachable, girl-next-door
Bierma, Peter
fun with unique character, warm
Cuddihy, Isabel
warm, sexy, mainstream
Blakeney, Mike
commanding, bold, political fit
Delonga, Sandy
mainstream, dramatic, conversational, warm
Blume, Jared young, natural, cool, friendly DiVita, Frankie mainstream, dramatic, warm
Boles, Zack
Wil Lyman voice match, mature, all-american
Deschamps, Nicole theatrical, dramatic, newsy
Bradly, Austin
natural, warm, ageless, credible
Dunphy, Michelle natural, energetic, friendly, innocent, sweet
Bratton, Mike
conversational, edgy, natural
Edwards, Tamika cute, young, peppy, happy
Bunch, Pete
credible, powerful, announcer, warm
Elbaum, Samantha warm, mainstream, upbeat
Caron, Trey
Natural, guy next door, warm
Ezra, Danielle authentic, kind, textured young professional
Carr, Brent
fun, natural, young, cool
Farris, Amy dramatic, natural, energetic, warm
Carter, Nik
cool, natural, fun, major
Gee, Jessica sassy, smart, intense, dramatic, fun
Chase, Eric
ageless, intense, natural
German, Nancy mainstream, sultry, mature, dramatic
Chase, Mike
mainstream, relatable, natural, warm
Gray, Juliette british, warm, characters
Chapple, Kyle
fun, mainstream, natural, warm
Green, Jenna credible, mainstream, warm
quirky, comedic, youthful, announcer
Hadhazy, Andrea cute, young, soft, perky
Coffman, Von
commanding, natural, dramatic
Handysides, Kim connects, mainstream, ageless
Cohen, Steven Jay
soft, warm, young, lite sound
Haugh, Rebecca M. happy, fun, 'mom', cute
Copeland, Vaughn
natural, african american, actor
Junot, Mara ageless, natural, energetic, warm, sexy
Corlett, Ian James
natural, friendly, humorous, young, fresh
Kaplan, Mandy conversational, friendly, natural, sassy, fun
Cornelius, Cam
fun, informative, warm, youthful
Kaylin, Julie warm, fun, perky
Cotner, John
mainstream, guy next door, happy
Kelly, Denise warm, natural, mature
Crow, Tim
neighborly, blue collar, Mike Rowe, polished
Kennedy, Roberta conversational, warm, natural
Davis, Chuck
warm, conversational, natural, dramatic
Klemolin, Kelly mainstream, natural, sexy, playful
african american, hip hop, country, laid-back
Learik, Madison edgy, intense, sexy, comedic, dramatic
de Nance, Doug
commanding, edgy, hard, edge-of-your-seat
Liebman, Samantha fun, credible, cool
deGolia Jack
mainstream, ageless, warm
Luck, Lisa friendly, sexy, energetic, fresh, youthful, natural
youthful, dramatic, creepy, intense (spanish)
Lyon, Barb warm, spunky, educational, mother
southern, distinct, country, down-home
Macryn, Lecia warm, trusting, friendly, authoritative
Dunsworth, Bob ageless, natural, announcer, intense Marcin, Kate warm, credible, ageless
Farmer, Allen soft, warm, commanding, credible Marlier, Tia natural, friendly, conversational, warm
Fike, Bill friendly, natural, conversational, mature, wise Marlowe, Deborah ageless, natural, friendly, playful, warm, real
Fishman, Ian friendly, fun, natural, young Moats, Melissa sexy, friendly, dramatic, mainstream, 
Filipowski, Martin warm, connects, mainstream Mooney, Sandy natural, energetic, conversational, fun, warm
Flint, Terrence husky, african american, urban, smokey Owens, Michelle warm, conversational, sexy, edgy
Frank, Stefan Ashton commanding, warm, intense, deep Redman, Charlee natural, friendly, sexy, smoky, raspy
Garber, Dave southern, down-home, cowboy, real Rice, Lisa friendly, natural, mainstream, warm
Gehlsen, Tim conversational, natural, friendly, sincere Riggio, Stephanie conversational, intense, dramatic, smart, warm
Godfrey, David mainstream, fun, happy Rivers, Maureen warm, natural, ageless
Goldberg, Richard warm, commanding, edgy Rolls, Jill british / scottish, warm, soft, mother
Goodman, Adam warm, natural, full range, mainstream Sack, Elizabeth very young sounding, teen/child, fun, warm
Grace, John fun, natrual, light sound Sands, Tara youthful, fun, cool
Grant, George natural, conversational, dramatic, cool Schreiber, Elizabeth warm, dramatic, funny, mature
Greene, Jarrod fun, upbeat, laid back cool, warm Sheehan, Catherine conversational, friendly, mainstream, warm
Hawthone_Ed natural, cool, ageless Standing, Bev

warm, trusting, friendly, N. American/British

Herscovitz, Mark intense, dramatic, edgy Steel, Alyson warm, wide range, ageless
Heyl, Andrew mainstream, warm, energetic Taylor, Amy friendly, energetic, quirky (Spanish)
Hickey, Robert soft, warm, middle aged, credible Thomas, Kat mainstream, friendly, intense, warm, 
Huggins, Jason fun, natural, upbeat, happy
announcer, timeless, ageless, bold
Huguet, Ross warm, confident, compelling, ageless Tompkins, Laura
sexy, youthful, energetic, compassionate
Hurley, Bob friendly, dramatic, natural, powerful Tropp, Carol
upbeat, warm, adult
James, Billy mainstream, natural, ageless Turina, Lisa
warm, upbeat, connecting
Jennings, David warm, inviting, intense, commanding
sexy, warm, alluring, natural, dramatic
Johnston, Gary dramatic, commanding, intense, fun Van Cott, Gale conversational, friendly, ageless, 
Jurney, Bill commanding, wide range, mainstream Vocino, Anna sexy, energetic, conversational, 
timeless, distinct, dramatic, announcer
Vos, Pippa upbeat, fun, cool, sexy
Kellman, TK intense, commanding, dramatic, comfortable Wachsman, Jessica natural, conversational, sexy, comedic
Kelly, Kurt ageless, commanding, refined, announcer,  Williams, Julie friendly, natural, conversational, smooth
Kierman, Jonathan natural, ageless, credible, mainstream    
Kuner, Joe warm, mainstream, commanding    
Lang, Lex commanding, intense, edgy, dramatic, warm    
Langsner, Michael upbeat, natural, warm, youthful    
Legg, Harry edgy, intense, mainstream    
Lieberman, Jon dramatic, intense, commanding, creepy    
Lotman, Mo friendly, natural, dramatic, neighborly    
MacPhee, James commanding, dramatic, deep, attention grabbing    
Maguda, Ken commanding, credible, dramatic    
Matthews, Chuck major depth, commanding    
McCalmont, John intense, dramatic, edgy    
McCartney, Mike commanding, edgy, deep, mainstream    
McCoy, Jason natural, edgy, intense    
McGonegal, Mike natural, conversational, dramatic     
McGrath, John unique, young, high pitched but fun sounding    
McKay, AJ mainstream, natural, fun    
McKay, Dawson natural, laid back, mainstream, warm    
Melton, Jeff connects, mainstream, ageless    
Michaels, Billy fun, young, happy    
Michaels, Keith nice guy, natural, fun, conversational    
Miller, Nick (australian) fun, mainstream    
Montesi, Andrew commanding, refined, edgy, super bass    
Parkhurst, Dustin young, fun, happy, mellennial    
Pelletier, Jerry natural, conversational, friendly, refined    
Puls, Nathan
guy next door, young dad, casual
Reed, Rob
down home, authoritative, deep, booming
Reyns, Scott
fun, friend, young, upbeat
Rosselli, Christian
edgy, dramatic, blue collar, natural 
Sanchez, Dylan mainstream, natural, conversational, young    
african American, commanding, bold, warm
Sawyer, Ethan warm, bold, commanding, dramatic    
Shetterly, Derek natural, conversational, ageless    
Shannon, Karl full and authoritative, upbeat, fun, mainstream    
Singh, Kabir natural, energetic, african american, young, cool    
Stahr, Mark
middle america, bigger, father
Treble, Anthony
dramatic, powerful, natural
Tyler, David
mainstream, natural, dramatic, deep
Varicalli, Sean fun, warm, tenor/base    
Waldorph, Ed warm, credible, 40+, nice guy    
Watt, Jason conversational, edgy, friendly, fun    
Wayne, Larry commanding, conversational, natural    
Weston, Nelson commanding, warm, fun, conversational    
Wendt, Dean really natural, fun, ageless    
Wiewel, Matt natural announcer, laid back, mainstream    
Wilson, JJ cool, warm to edgy range, characters    
Worley, Roy warm, fatherly, credible    


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