E-Learning Voices – Voice Actress Laila Berzins

     If you have ever taken an on-line pre-recorded course, you know how poorly narrated and poorly acted e-learning can easily lose your interest within the first 5 minutes. Now more than ever schools and businesses are relying on e-learning due to Covid-19 for training and education.  There is good news. We can help. There are great voice talent available right here at VoiceHunter.com with tremendous acting talent to bring life, meaning and even humor to driest of  e-learning module content.  One of our featured voice actresses, Laila Berzins , is a definite listen and hire for medical, educational, and corporate training modules. 

     Laila is a Voice Arts Awards nominated voice over artist, singer, impressionist, and comedian providing warm and vibrant audio to her clients  for over a decade. Her deep & resonant voice has been in commercials for Google, Macy’s, and Febreze, while her immense range of characters and dialects (from boy and teen voices to grannies, villains, and creatures) has served animation clients like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, and games like God of War, World of Warcraft, and The Last of Us 2. Her powerful cut-through reads landed her promos for Hidden Figures Google Expeditions, and her warm narration style has brought to life industrial copy for The Hartford, Westland Whiskey, and Health Share of Oregon.  She is truly an actress that can engage your learning audience and make your content sound meaningful and memorable. If you’re an instructional designer, you will definitely want to give her a listen before you record your next course.

Listen to Laila and our other Featured talent on our Listen and Hire pages.

VoiceHunter.com has been casting the world’s top voice over actors and actresses for over 20 years and seek to make voice casting quick, easy and within any reasonable budget. Cast via VoiceHunter.com[email protected] or by calling 704 648 9800.


The Best Voices For Your Business- Voice Actor Michael Greco

Here at VoiceHunter.com, we work hard to select the very best voice over talent for our Featured List. Each talent is carefully vetted for superb audio quality, quick turnaround, and amazing acting ability. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing all of these great voice actors to you in our blog, via email, and social media. Our first talent is Michael Greco. Michael is truly a superstar voice actor with many years of experience as a voice actor.

Michael is a veteran of Chicago’s famed Second City and ImprovOlympic. He’s pitched products ranging from beer, to fast food, to insurance.  He’s lent his voice to everything from super heroes to animals, to pieces of pie.  He’s done industrial films, narration, promos, video games, telephone systems, web sites, e-learning modules… you name it, he’s read for it.

Currently, he’s the brand voice for Quickbooks and the voice of 21 year old Mr. Peanut, Jr.   Recently, he completed a series of training videos for Deloitte and a explainer video for Analyst One.

Whether your hiring a voice actor for a sales presentation, a new marketing campaign,  or an e-learning or internal messaging project, Michael Greco is a sure bet you’ll have a dynamite voice for your project. Listen to him and our other Featured talent on our casting page.

VoiceHunter.com has been casting the world’s top voice over actors and actresses for over 20 years and seek to make voice casting quick, easy and within most any budget. Cast via VoiceHunter.com, [email protected] or by calling 704 648 9800.