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Since 1998, VoiceHunter.com has been leading online voice over casting through personalized, client friendly service. Clients come to us seeking the best and easiest way to find voice talent. Our company is designed to be an integral part of yours. When you work with us you'll never have to worry about where your next voice over is coming from. We stand behind every casting job with money back guarantees on a finished product you commissioned us to find.




Adam has over 20 years of Radio/TV experience, a BS from Cornell University & an MBA from The University of Connecticut. Adam started Goods Entertainment in 1998 working as a radio talent coach between 1998 and 2000 and soon after radio talent management. In late 1999, he launched VoiceHunter.com. Adam's goal has always been to bring outstanding talent into the spotlight.
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Eric's background includes 10 years of sales experience in IT technical recruitment & placement. He is no stranger to finding & qualifying highly skilled, talented people for short term work. Additionally he coordinates the efforts of our International division working with clients & talent all over the world.
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Address: PO Box 1266, Weston, CT 06883
Phone: (203) 341 0111
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