Nov is Female E-Learning Month at VoiceHunter.com

November and December are E-learning Marketing Months at VoiceHunter.com. This month we will be highlighting female voice actors on our casting site that have helped major brands deliver their training and e-learning courses. If you have an e-learning project you want to bring to life, hiring our amazing talent is super easy. Just visit our home […]

Our Top Voice Over talent for Sporting Goods and Toys- Kyle Chapple and Maria Pendolino

The best sporting good and toy marketing reflects the action fun and excitement that the product brings to enthusiasts and kids! For that you’ll need voice overs by talent that can act and bring that excitement behind the microphone.  Look no further than Maria and Kyle for a great voice and outstanding voice acting performance. […]

Pharmaceutical and Medical Marketing Voice overs- Andrew Heyl and Shelley Baldiga

Whether its a TV commercial for a new specialist wing at a hospital,  or an informative video on a new drug or medical device, the goal of the voice over artist working in pharmaceutical or medical marketing is to connect with the patients that put their healthcare in their doctors hands or pass valuable information […]

Radio Imaging and Promo Voices- Larry Davis

Here at VoiceHunter.com, we have never forgotten our radio roots. We are the first voice over company to cast Radio Imaging voices.  Our Radio and TV voice section shows off some of the best talent available for radio imaging in the country.  Today, we highlight one of our long time featured talent, Larry Davis, who […]

Best Voices for Commercials- VoiceHunter Featured Talent- Melanie Haynes

Whether you are casting for  broadcast TV or Radio commercials, or digital commercials to be broadcast on the internet, Voicehunter.com’s Featured Talent pool is a sure bet you’ll get great voice acting for your commercials.   One of our Featured Talent, Melanie Haynes has voiced literally thousands of radio and TV commercials. Melanie has been seen […]