Brand Voices for Business- Featured Talent John Klug

A voice for your brand is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. It marries great acting with recognition so your customers remember your company’s products and services.   Our Featured talent are experts at delivering your brand message, and we only bring the best to our roster.  John Klug is one of the best available. If you’re an NFL fan, you will recognize him as the Emmy Award winning Brand Voice of the Baltimore Ravens.

     John’s love for all things voice and recording started as a kid when he found himself recording former Baltimore Orioles radio play-by-play announcer, Jon Miller, on a cassette player in  his bedroom.  He was fascinated with his work. In John’s words ” I played it back trying to emulate it, poorly, over and over again.  I figured out later why Mr. Miller was and still is, so good.  He was able to make me FEEL something.  Period.  His love for the game was truly authentic.  I didn’t need to watch the game.  He made me feel like I was there with him, seeing everything he saw, feeling everything he felt.  I’ve been trying to give others “the feels” ever since.”

     Almost 5 years ago, after a successful 21-year radio career, he did a complete pivot and started his own voice over business.He’s been the voice of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens since 2016, the voice of many national TV campaigns like Batteries Plus Bulbs, Four Roses Bourbon, and Ageless Male, the narrator of the Curiosity Stream documentary “The Body”, “The Mighty Atom” on Amazon Prime and Curiosity Stream, of the Justice Network’s national docu-series “Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer”, and of all 4 seasons of the Sportsman Channel’s “Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat”, plus much more!

     John believes his success is rooted in the Jon Miller inspired philosophy of getting the audience to FEEL whatever the client or copywriter wants the audience to feel. He’s a versatile, passionate professional with a fast turnaround who is easy to work with. He knows his clients have many options and does his best to deliver audio well before the deadline,know and truly care about how their business operates, and get to know them all as humans. If you are looking for a great brand voice, look no further than John Klug.

     Listen to John and our other Featured talent on our Listen and Hire pages. has been casting the world’s top voice over actors and actresses for over 20 years and seek to make voice casting quick, easy and within any reasonable budget. Cast via[email protected] or by calling 704 648 9800.