Our Top Voice Over talent for Sporting Goods and Toys- Kyle Chapple and Maria Pendolino

The best sporting good and toy marketing reflects the action fun and excitement that the product brings to enthusiasts and kids! For that you’ll need voice overs by talent that can act and bring that excitement behind the microphone.  Look no further than Maria and Kyle for a great voice and outstanding voice acting performance.

Maria Pendolino is an award-winning professional female voiceover actor. Maria has been a professional working actor for more than fifteen years, Maria’s vocal style is real, conversational, authentic, natural, friendly, relatable and sassy. Trained in musical theatre, film, television and voice, Maria’s delivery is youthful and on-trend – perfect to represent and speak to Millennials and Generation X.  Maria was also awarded the 40 Under 40 Award in 2020 by Business First Biz Journals. In 2020, she was nominated for a German Computer Game Award as part of the Prim Adventure Game team.

With an edgy and soulful, yet warm and friendly sound, Kyle Chapple brings a professional quality to projects that is unmatched. His youthful vibe adds a smooth rhythm to each voice over. This rising star has a very quick turn-around time with one goal in mind, to keep clients completely satisfied. Being the son of two school teachers has allowed Kyle to take direction very well. This is helpful in getting the most proper sound and cadence accurately. His vocal range and style bring a cutting-edge sound to the voice over world.

Check out Kyle’s Spot for Zwift above featuring music by Fatboy Slim.. and the video  below to see Maria’s work on ABC Playmat by MOTA!