In 1998, VoiceHunter.com was formed by Adam Goodman, working with radio and TV celebrities and became the first go-to internet source for celebrity voices.

Even though VoiceHunter.com has morphed over the years, celebrity castings have always been a part of our business. From A list actors like George Clooney, Juliana Margulies, and the late Leonard Nimoy to well known actors and sports figures like Steve Schirripa, Micheal Imperiole, and Mariano Rivera, VoiceHunter has played a part in commercials, narrations voiced by celebrities for years.

Our talented casting staff, has experience negotiating the best popular deals for client and celebrities alike. Here are some of the clients we have helped find celebrities for their projects:

  1. California Pacific Medical Center- Julianna Margulies-2012
  2. Messianic Jewish Organization- Leonard Nimoy-2012.
  3. Acura Legends- Steve Schirripa with Mariano Rivera
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