To us, when voice casting for projects requiring CHARACTER VOICES or ANIMATION VOICES, the most important thing to our clients is the QUALITY of the voice talent.

Since our inception in 1998, our focus has been on the voice actors and actresses we can access for our clients. Top ad agencies, tv networks and fortune 500 companies insist on knowing they can easily access these performers and that’s where VoiceHunter comes in.

In addition, using our pool of agents, we can access thousands of talent at talent’s best rates and are part of the oversight of every project start to finish. We take the time to turn thousands of options into the few needed to save you the time you can use elsewhere.

We have found that other on-line services either have limits to the talent they can provide due to only having access to the performers they represent or they are providing NO quality control on the voices they bombard you with.

Maybe you get lucky and hit one worth it with other services but why take the chance. VoiceHunter takes the risk and wasted time out of voice casting and you’ll know, in the end, what you’re paying for is what you expected.

START CASTING at any time by submitting your casting needs and a casting director will be assigned to you project immediately and get audio options to you within 24 hours. For immediate casting, call or text 312 448 7972, or email us or LIVE CHAT.