e-Learning Demos

(download option available)

Baker, Matt (m) mainstream, dad, narrator
Baldiga, Shelley (f) warm, natural, young
Bierma, Peter (m) fun with unique character, warm
Birdsall, Diana (f) warm, friendly, energetic, smouldering
Brioux, Tricia (f) youthful, energetic, dramatic
Bruno, Linda (f) fresh, approachable, girl-next-door d
Callaway, Timothy cool natural edge with warm delivery d
Crowe, Anna (f) trustworthy, engaging, resonant, believable (spanish available) d
Cullingworth, Christine (f) ​versatile, smooth, trustworthy, smart d
Deboer, Karen (f) warm, credible, ageless
de Nance, Doug (m) commanding, edgy, hard, edge-of-your-seat
Fishman, Ian (m) friendly, fun, natural, young
Godfrey, David (m) mainstream, fun, happy d
Handysides, Kim (f) connects, mainstream, ageless d
Hurst, Dan (m) bright, intriguing, compelling, warm d
Kaplan, Mandy (f) conversational, friendly, natural, sassy, fun d
Kelly, Denise (f) warm, natural, mature d
Langsner, Michael (m) upbeat, natural, warm, youthful d
Lyon, Barb (f) warm, spunky, educational, mother d
Macryn, Lecia (f) warm, trusting, friendly, authoritative d
Marcin, Kate (f) warm, credible, ageless d
McGonegal, Mike (m) natural, conversational, dramatic d
Mellinger, Martha (f) warm, credible, deep d
Reynolds, Erik (m) cool, fun, hip, mainstream d
Schreiber, Elizabeth (f) warm, dramatic, funny, mature d
Shetterly, Derek (m) natural, conversational, ageless d
Standing, Bev (f) warm, trusting, friendly, N. American/British d
Wahl, Tom (m) storyteller, guy next door, romantic, serious d