VoiceHunter.com has a long history of providing quality voice overs to all industries. Every talent on our site has been personally vetted by our staff for pro-level studio quality and is considered to be professional.

In addition to this first level of quality control, we listen to all projects submitted at your request to make sure the script is being followed to the letter, and also for any bugs in the audio.

If, for any reason, you feel that one of our talent’s performance was not in line with the specifications you made for the project, it will be re-recorded at no cost to you. If audio was provided, that due to a studio error is not of high quality, we will have the talent re-record at no charge. This is our guarantee to you.

So, how are we different than Voices.com and Voice123.com?

Two frustrations we hear over and over again about them both are:

    1. The quality of the talent that audition are often not great and don’t offer the studio quality needed for truly high level work
    2. The time it takes to get through many talent auditions is not realistic and not in line with the speed of business.

We hope you’ll give us a try and find out how quick, easy and competitively priced VoiceHunter.com talent can be.

We hope to get to know you and your company – click here.

Filter key:
We have created ways to better separate our talent for clients looking to sample demos from the site. As all of these performers are pros, please note most if not all can sound amazing in all 5 of these STYLE descriptions. We sorted based solely on how most of our clients cast these performers as we’ve found when a client likes a performer, clearly that style has worked.

  • Dramatic – really makes a dramatic script connect emotionally for clients
  • Edgy – a talent who can be something a little off the mainstream sound
  • Mature – not necessarily old but can have present a mature read
  • Natural – most scripts feel as if they just picked them up and started talking
  • Soft – makes that warm, soft and lite script connect