Abraham, Erick youthful, upbeat, caring, cool, edgy
Allen, Dennis southern, country, neighborly, guy next door
Almond, Mike edgy, dramatic, ageless
Anderson, Rex warm, natural, young, smooth
Arnold, Greg very warm, connects, softer, young
Aston, Mark deep, powerful, major depth with character
Babbin, James fun, cool, warm, natural
Baker, Matt K. mainstream, dad, narrator
Baker, Peter british, senior, character, autoritative
Banks, Tony young, dramatic, intense, fun, comical
Bergen, Bob cartoon, animation, young, natural, brotherly
Beeson, Talon animation, fun, mainstream
Bick, Tim british, polished, refined, upper class posh
Bierma, Peter fun with unique character, warm
Blakeney, Mike commanding, bold, political fit
Blume, Jared young, natural, cool, friendly
Boles, Zack Wil Lyman voice match, mature, all-american
Bradly, Austin natural, warm, ageless, credible
Bratton, Mike conversational, edgy, natural
Bullock, Rich warm, friendly, authoritative, rich
Bunch, Pete credible, powerful, announcer, warm
Callaway, Timothy cool natural edge with warm delivery
Caron, Trey Natural, guy next door, warm
Carr, Brent fun, natural, young, cool
Carter, Nik cool, natural, fun, major
Caughlin, Kenny cool, intense, breaks through, edgy
Craig, Charles mature, warm, credible
Chase, Eric ageless, intense, natural
Chase, Mike mainstream, relatable, natural, warm
Chapple, Kyle fun, mainstream, natural, warm
Cipriano, Joe quirky, comedic, youthful, announcer
Cleveland, Bill wise, mature, natural, conversational
Coffman, Von commanding, natural, dramatic
Cohen, Steven Jay soft, warm, young, lite sound
Copeland, Vaughn natural, african american, actor
Corlett, Ian James natural, friendly, humorous, young, fresh
Cornelius, Cam fun, informative, warm, youthful
Cotner, John mainstream, guy next door, happy
Curtis, Matthew fun, wide range, warm, characters
Crow, Tim neighborly, blue collar, Mike Rowe, polished
Davis, Chuck warm, conversational, natural, dramatic
Davis, Larry african american, hip hop, country, laid-back
de Nance, Doug commanding, edgy, hard, edge-of-your-seat
Delhoyo, George youthful, dramatic, creepy, intense (spanish)
Donaldson, Jean-Francois deep, thoughtful, intense, commanding.
Duke, Pat southern, distinct, country, down-home
Dunsworth, Bob ageless, natural, announcer, intense
Farmer, Allen soft, warm, commanding, credible
Fike, Bill friendly, natural, conversational, mature, wise
Filipowski, Martin warm, connects, mainstream
Fishman, Ian friendly, fun, natural, young
Fitzmaurice, Shawn nerdy, quirky, intelligent, funny
Flint, Terrence husky, african american, urban, smokey
Frank, Stefan Ashton commanding, warm, intense, deep
Garber, Dave southern, down-home, cowboy, real
Gehlsen, Tim conversational, natural, friendly, sincere
Godfrey, David mainstream, fun, happy
Goldberg, Richard warm, commanding, edgy
Goodman, Adam warm, natural, full range, mainstream
Grant, George natural, conversational, dramatic, cool
Greene, Jarrod fun, upbeat, laid back cool, warm
Hawthone_Ed natural, cool, ageless
Herscovitz, Mark intense, dramatic, edgy
Heyl, Andrew mainstream, warm, energetic
Hickey, Robert soft, warm, middle aged, credible
Huggins, Jason fun, natural, upbeat, happy
Huguet, Ross warm, confident, compelling, ageless
Hurley, Bob friendly, dramatic, natural, powerful
Hurst, Dan bright, intriguing, compelling, warm
James, Billy mainstream, natural, ageless
Jennings, David warm, inviting, intense, commanding
Johnston, Gary dramatic, commanding, intense, fun
Kane, Tom timeless, distinct, dramatic, announcer
Kellman, TK intense, commanding, dramatic, comfortable
Kelly, Kurt ageless, commanding, refined, announcer
Kennedy, Michael mainstream, versitile, ageless
Kierman, Jonathan natural, ageless, credible, mainstream
Kuner, Joe warm, mainstream, commanding
Lang, Lex commanding, intense, edgy, dramatic, warm
Langsner, Michael upbeat, natural, warm, youthful
Legg, Harry edgy, intense, mainstream
Lieberman, Jon dramatic, intense, commanding, creepy
Lotman, Mo friendly, natural, dramatic, neighborly
Maguda, Ken commanding, credible, dramatic
Mararian, Jeffrey Starr seductive, mesmerizing, distinctive, unique
Matthews, Chuck major depth, commanding
McCalmont, John intense, dramatic, edgy
McCartney, Mike commanding, edgy, deep, mainstream
McCoy, Jason natural, edgy, intense
McGonegal, Mike natural, conversational, dramatic
McGrath, John unique, young, high pitched but fun sounding
McKay, AJ mainstream, natural, fun
McKay, Dawson natural, laid back, mainstream, warm
Melton, Jeff connects, mainstream, ageless
Messina, Joe believable natural, guy next door, corporate
Michaels, Keith nice guy, natural, fun, conversational
Miller, Nick (australian) fun, mainstream
Mohr, Jon warm, believable, deep, powerful.
Montesi, Andrew commanding, refined, edgy, super bass
Parkhurst, Dustin young, fun, happy, mellennial
Pelletier, Jerry natural, conversational, friendly, refined
Puls, Nathan guy next door, young dad, casual
Reed, Rob down home, authoritative, deep, booming
Reynolds, Erik cool, fun, hip, mainstream
Reyns, Scott fun, friend, young, upbeat
Rosselli, Christian edgy, dramatic, blue collar, natural
Sanchez, Dylan mainstream, natural, conversational, young
Saulsberry, Rodney african American, commanding, bold, warm
Sawyer, Ethan warm, bold, commanding, dramatic
Shetterly, Derek natural, conversational, ageless
Shannon, Karl full and authoritative, upbeat, fun, mainstream
Singh, Kabir natural, energetic, african american, young, cool
Treble, Anthony dramatic, powerful, natural
Tyler, David mainstream, natural, dramatic, deep
Varicalli, Sean fun, warm, tenor/base
Wahl, Tom storyteller, guy next door, romantic, serious
Waldorph, Ed warm, credible, 40+, nice guy
Watt, Jason conversational, edgy, friendly, fun
Wayne, Larry commanding, conversational, natural
Weston, Nelson commanding, warm, fun, conversational
Wendt, Dean really natural, fun, ageless
Wiewel, Matt natural announcer, laid back, mainstream
Wilson, JJ cool, warm to edgy range, characters
Worley, Roy warm, fatherly, credible