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What's the voice artist roster of talent like on VoiceHunter.com?
Our talent are 100%, qualified, experienced professionals. We guarantee you’ll never receive an un-presentable audition. We do NOT allow new, inexperienced talent to list on VoiceHunter.com! Ever wonder why the auditions you receive from automated casting websites are so bad? Sadly over 75% of the talent on those casting services are voiceover students and beginners at best. 

REAL people do the casting
Online casting when you want it. Real people when you don’t.  Our website gives you a choice. You can browse, listen to, & select your voiceover talent right online OR by pass the virtual world and speak one-on-one to a real life, good ol’ USA casting specialist. Whether you are new to booking talent or a casting pro – we know the questions that will ID your exact needs IMMEDIATELY. We know our talent, personally. Don’t be fooled – your current online casting company doesn't offer phone service, they offer lip service. The only thing their casting reps can offer you is generic advice and tech support.  Call VoiceHunter.com and see what REAL casting is all about.

Where do you get your list of talent from?
EVERYWHERE! Our site offers any voice, anywhere, any time. We have access to every talent, all the time – even celebrities. How? We are not an agency – agents can only book a talent on their roster – which, even for the best agent, is limited.  We are not a pay-to-play website. Marketplace & web-only casting services are limited to only the talent who pay to be on their roster.  VoiceHunter.com has spent almost 2 decades developing and honing relationships with talent agents, managers and other casting services. If we can’t book / find the voice you want – no one can.

How fast can you cast jobs?
Speed & accuracy go together at VoiceHunter.com.  Our average job is cast & completed in less than 24 hours. Not fast enough? We're able to fulfill many bookings in as little as 1 hour.

Need a job cast with complete confidentiality?
VoiceHunter.com has worked with so many high profile clients that ‘keep it confidential’ should be our middle name.  In today’s digital age many casting companies are too quick to tweet about the clients they work for and the talent they are securing. This indiscriminate behavior is something smart clients shy away from. At VoiceHunter.com your privacy is always a top priority.  

Do we stand behind our jobs?
YES! We are the liaison that ensures that the talent do what they say, record when they commit to and don't create phantom costs in the end that you did not expect. It's THE VoiceHunter.com difference that we stand behind EVERY job we cast.


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